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Annette Ochoa

Indeni - Sr. Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

For more than 3 years, Annette has worked in both Marketing and Sales at Indeni, a crowdsourced automation platform for IT engineers. Before Indeni, she worked in a non-profit focused on connecting children with food and nature. Annette is passionate about helping people reach their ultimate goals, whether it be in technology or otherwise.

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Youyou Li

Heap - Solutions Engineer

Youyou came from a corporate company but moved into tech looking for her dream job of bridging the communication between technology and customers. Now, she is a solutions engineer at Heap where she is not only customer 0 but also QA for the product, fire fighting on the front line and resolving technical issues faced by customers. Engineer by day and amateur baker and escape room maker by night.


Cassandra Keoho

WalkMe - Director, Account Management

Cassandra has spent the last 7 years in customer success and account management, leading teams across a variety of startups. She is currently the Director of Account Management at WalkMe, looking after enterprise customers. She is passionate about empowering women professionally and supporting career growth. She is a three-time (and counting) mentor and volunteer for Yearup, a non-profit that aims to close the opportunity divide for young people in the bay area.


Hayley Panasiuk

Affirm, Inc. - Corporate Counsel, Commercial

Hayley Panasiuk serves as Corporate Counsel, Commercial at Affirm, Inc., where she leads the commercial team in drafting and negotiating enterprise and strategic partnership agreements and advises on a range of corporate and commercial issues. Prior to joining Affirm, Hayley oversaw all legal matters for an investment management firm with $15 billion in assets under management, where she advised on areas of corporate governance, contract negotiation, IP, employee relations, board matters, and strategic initiatives. Hayley is on the Board of Directors of San Francisco Women in Tech and is the founder of Unfold Careers, a career services company that has helped professionals achieve their dream careers. Hayley received her J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and her B.A. from Columbia University. She lives with her boyfriend and a cactus named Fred in San Francisco.

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Anna Lazar

Parsable - Partnerships Manager

Anna currently serves as the Partnerships Manager for Parsable, a Connected Worker Platform that brings digitalization to traditional workers, helping customers in Energy, Manufacturing & Industrial Services bridge the gap into Industry 4.0. Career saleswoman by background, Anna has sold everything from cloud infrastructure to high-end consumer goods to operational technology for industrial markets. She is thrilled to be representing SF WIT and continuing conversations about the value of D&I. Having moved over fifteen times and living across four continents, she has observed first-hand the role of communication and collaboration when bridging distance. In her spare time, you can find Anna cooking or eating her way across the city, grooving around a dance floor, and climbing mountains or boarding down them.


Devin Blase

Rescale - VP Operations and People

Devin founded SF Women in Tech in 2013 and with the help of the amazing board, has scaled it to over 3500 women (and counting!) and produced over 23 large scale events for the organization. She is a SF startup alum, helping scale such companies as Mulesoft, WalkMe, Heap and now has moved to the east coast and is helping scale her first Mid Atlantic company. If you ever see a red head walking around SF, New York or DC with a 150 pound Bernese Mountain Dog attached at the hip, please say hi, it's me, Devin!

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Barbara Mighdoll

Singular - VP of Growth Marketing

Barbara is an ambitious and analytical marketing leader, with a touch of creative craziness. As the head of marketing at Singular, the leading Marketing Intelligence Platform, Barbara focuses on full-funnel growth to impact the brand and business. She’s responsible for strategizing GTM plans, positioning, awareness, demand/acquisition, and acceleration of pipeline. Barbara’s passionate about mentorship and coaching to help her team grow personally and professionally, and is on the board of San Francisco Women in Tech to help other women succeed in their careers as well. When not heads down in spreadsheets, dashboards, decks and white boarding sessions, you’ll find her hanging out with her 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog around San Francisco.

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Emily Hudson

Salesforce - Senior Product Manager

Emily has worked in the product space at Salesforce since 2014. She is driven to find creative ways to innovate and improve the customer's experience. Her current role is focused on maximizing the impact of the Trailblazer Community, the largest and most robust implementation of Salesforce’s Community Cloud product. She has found herself searching for female mentors in most of her technical positions, and when she first met Devin, quickly became deeply involved with SFWIT. She is thrilled to be a part of an organization dedicated to women supporting and encouraging one another as they become strong technology leaders. Emily is also the volunteer coordinator for her team at Salesforce, is captain of the Salesforce volleyball team "Crushforce", and loves dogs.


Aliza Edelstein

Brex - Product Marketing Lead

The human brain is a crazy place, and there are two things that fascinate Aliza most about product and growth marketing. First: the concept of consumer logic and how rational yet irrational it can be. And second: the challenge of communicating in a way that persuades and convinces consumers always requires optimization—so you're optimizing for something that is both rational and irrational.

Aliza applies the same thinking in product marketing that she also applies in leadership, because whether she’s connecting with consumers or with her team, she’s connecting with the fun irrationality of their logic—in order to bring ideas together, influence an outcome, and also optimize and scale for future growth. Aliza does this today as the Product Marketing Lead at Brex. Previously, Aliza built and led SurveyMonkey’s Demand Generation team and has over a decade of marketing experience across the technology and financial services industries. 


Josephine Liu

Periscope Data - Product Manager

Formerly in the healthcare field, Josephine moved up from LA to SF to transition into the tech industry and have never looked back. She is passionate about empowering women to find their voices and own their careers, and currently leads the D&I initiative at Periscope Data, where she works as a product manager. When she's not drowning in JIRA tickets, you can find her reading novels, hiking around the bay, or working as a freelance makeup artist!