8 Ways to Infiltrate the Tech Industry at Any Age

The tech industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors, attracting everyone from new graduates to people looking for an exciting career change. With all this promise comes a lot of demand, making it difficult to land the dream tech job. Here are eight ways to make yourself stand out from the stack of resumes and secure a position within the expanding tech industry.

1. Communicate Online: Reach out to employers on LinkedIn or through email directly to let them know you’ve applied and would love to hear about the role over the phone for even 5 minutes. If you are not sure of an email, try a couple variations of their name and list them all in BCC to increase the chance that your email goes through to the correct person.

2. Add Dimension to Your Resume: Make yourself stand out from the crowd by creating a video resume. You’ll catch the employer’s eye and let them know that you are creative, think outside of the box, and are passionate about what you do.

3. Start Networking: Networking events are a good way to connect with front runners in the tech industry and get a feel for what opportunities are out there. Great ones to attend are our own Women in Tech events that bring together the Bay Area’s top women from tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and smaller startups such as WalkMe. Networking events are social, fun, educational, and a great way to expand your business contacts. If you’re looking for other networking events, we suggest checking Meetup.com or Eventbrite and searching networking opportunities.

4. Build Your Resume with Skill Diversity: If you have a liberal arts background, make yourself a triple threat by supplementing your degree with some technical skills. Look into programs (that are free!) like Code Academy, LearntoCode, or CodeSchool.

5. Suggest a new feature or idea for the product: Study the product of the company you’re interested in, come up with an update or new idea for it, and send it to them along with your resume. Rather than just reading about you on a resume, the hiring manager now has a concrete example of your skill set and proof that you are a good fit for the role.

6. Use LinkedIn as a Resource: Check out the LinkedIn profiles of people who have your tech dream job. See what kind of experience and background they have and that will give you an idea of what recruiters are looking for. If your resumes match up pretty well then you that you have what companies are looking for and you can go into your job search with much more confidence. If you’re lacking in experience and skills, you will find this out and understand what you must do to qualify yourself for the role.

7. Test the Waters: Experiment with your tech knowledge by doing some coding, practicing a sales pitch, or design a marketing strategy to test your skills and see if you enjoy it. If you come up with something you are proud of you can email it to the hiring manager along with your resume.

8. Create a buzz: Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr as platforms to showcase yourself. Employers are always using these sites as resources to learn more about you, so use this to your advantage. Tweet or comment on multiple posts on a company’s Facebook page and add in at the end of the note that you recently applied for one of their roles. This makes it easy for hiring managers to access your account and view the online image that you have expertly crafted for yourself.