In case you missed out on SF WIT + Mentorship

What do you get when you put 2 female execs, 1 female founder, and 250 women under one roof? Our most successful panel event yet! This past month we hosted the SF Women in Tech -- Mentorship Event, offering women across the Bay Area an opportunity to listen to three leading ladies in tech share their experiences and insight.


Andrea Austin, the VP of Sales at InsideView

Stacey Bishop, Partner at Scale Venture Partners

Kim Pham, Head of Growth and Product at Weave Networking

What you missed:

  • Our networking session, where we split up attendee’s by department and then seniority, providing a great chance to meet your peers and even lay the foundation for a possible mentor/mentee relationship.

  • The opportunity to network before the event with attendees using the app Weave. The app can best be described as Tinder meets LinkedIn. All attendee’s of the event were invited to a ‘private room’ in the app, where you could network with exclusively those attending the event.

  • A speech by Kimberly Shank, Senior Manager of Business Analytics & Data Science at Eventbrite who spoke about how women are breaking the molds of the tech industry

  • Three different perspectives from our panelists on how they rose in their careers, what role mentorship played in their success, and advice to finding mentorship within your own career

  • A chance to participate in a Q&A with our panelists

  • Great snacks and even greater company!

Key Take-Aways:

  • All of our panelists agreed that women should not limit themselves to only female mentors. Many of their own mentors were men whom they organically established a relationship with, and who provided the same kind of valuable guidance and insight that females mentors might provide.

  • The mentor/mentee relationship is symbiotic. A mentor can gain useful perspective and insight from their mentee, as well as have the chance to reflect on their own experiences and learn from them. This is why our panelists encourage you to make yourself available as a mentor, not only to help out a fellow techie but to help yourself as well.

  • Don’t be afraid to break the mold! Austin was told time and time again that she was too nice to be in sales, but she embraced her personality and ultimately that has led her to become a VP in Sales. Playing to your strengths, instead of altering yourself to fit a mold, is the key to finding success in your career.

What’s Next?

· Our next event will be August 2nd, details to come soon!

· Keep connected by joining our Facebook group: SF Women in Tech